Harry Belafonte sings duet with Stephen Colbert…we host Belafonte on 11-28

Belafonte appeared on The Colbert Report last night.  The Los Angeles Times has a bit on it.  Here’s an excerpt:

Colbert pressed Belafonte on why he used his “banana-counting fame” to enact social change. “Why not just be rich and lusted after? That’s what I do.”

Belafonte replied, “I thought that the community from which I came would be better served if I would focus the light on the people who are not quite as fortunate as we are, and that I had a responsbility to reach into that misfortune and try to make a difference.”

The highlight of the interview arrived in the last minute, when Colbert coyly asked Belafonte if he still sings. Belafonte said that he does, but only occasionally. Colbert waited a beat, then quietly started singing Belafonte’s hit “Jamaica Farewell.” “Down the way where the nights are gay, and the sun shines daily on the mountaintop,” he crooned. A few seconds later, Belafonte joined in, and the two performed an unlikely duet. It was a lovely little moment.

Watch below (the singing begins around the 5:00 mark).

Here’s the video…