Jane Lynch (at Live Talks on Oct 2) — inside her book….

The Daily Beast has a piece titled “14 Juiciest Bits From Jane Lynch’s Memoir.”  We host Jane Lynch Oct 2 in conversation with Adam Scott, so get yer tickets.  Here’s a couple of the Daily Beast items:

Happy Days star helped launch her career.

In the summer of 1974, 14-year-old Lynch called into a Chicago-based radio station when the stars of her favorite show, Happy Days, were in town for a promotional tour. She asked how she could go about breaking into the business and upon the advice of Anson Williams, who played Potsie, Lynch set out to find an agent. She went to the Screen Actors Guild office in Chicago so she could get a list of talent agents, to whom she then proceeded to write letters. She wrote a letter to Universal Studios after visiting there, and then to the casting agent on The Brady Bunch, whose name she wrote down while watching the credits. Lynch got a crushing letter back from the assistant to the head of casting for Universal Studios that read, “We do not have the luxury of training young actors who are in the learning stage when we are working under such demanding professional conditions.” Still, Anson Williams would write her personal notes in the years that followed.