Up Front: Scott Turow, from the NYT

Turow reviews Adam Ross’ first novel, Mr. Peanut, on the cover of the New York Times Book Review. For those wondering how much lawyering Turow still does, the Up Front piece in the Book Review has this:

“Despite his success as a novelist, Turow has never given up his day job as an attorney. “I spend more time writing than lawyering,” he said, “but yes, I still appear in court now and then. I have practiced criminal law in Chicago for more than 30 years; it’s a relatively small bar and we all know (or know of) one another, so nobody appears overawed when I show up. I argued an important motion to dismiss an indictment along with one of my partners a couple of months ago. The assistant attorney general on the other side praised my novels privately and then, as he should have, did his best to beat my brains in during argument.”

Turow is in conversation with Dustin Hoffman at Zipper Hall tonight, June 28. Get your tickets here.  The event supports the wonderful work of 826LA.