Sunday, November 6, 2016
4:00pm Wine Tasting & Talk

An Afternoon with Mark Oldman
discussing his upcoming book,
How to Drink Like a Billionaire:
Mastering Wine with Joie de Vivre

William Turner Gallery
Bergamot Station Arts Center
2525 Michigan Avenue,
Santa Monica, CA 90404 

$50 Reserved Section seat + Book
$30 General Admission Seat
* includes wine tasting

Taste six billionaire-worthy wines at this special wine event with one of America’s most popular wine experts.  Oldman will show you how to drink like the 1% – without spending like one. 

Mark Oldman is one the country’s leading wine personalities. Bon Appètit described his style as “winespeak without the geek.” Twice the winner of the Georges Duboeuf Best Wine Book of the Year Award, his books—Oldman’s Guide to Outsmarting Wine and Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine—have been called the “perfect book” by the Wall Street Journal and the “perfect primer” by The New Yorker. Oldman’s appearances at the country’s top gastronomic festivals are considered must-see events in the world of food and wine. He has been the wine expert for Pottery Barn, lead judge in the PBS television series “The Winemakers,” and the wine correspondent for the Food Network. Keenly interested in innovating in the areas of education and consumer advocacy, Oldman also founded and ran the career portal for a decade until its successful sale to a private equity firm. 

How to Drink Like a Billionaire is not just the best guide for drinking wine stylishly, but Mark Oldman offers his readers a comprehensive yet fun approach to one of our favorite topics. It’s colorful, charismatic and innovative from beginning to end!”— Marcus Samuelsson, chef, restaurateur, and author

In How to Drink Like a Billionaire: Mastering Wine with Joie de Vivre —his eagerly anticipated, unapologetically joyful new book. 
Oldman—whom Publishers Weekly called “the ideal mix of wine connoisseur, showman, and everyday dude”—spills all on how to imbibe like an insider while avoiding the pretension, snobbishness, and geekiness that still surrounds so much of wine. 
Mark Oldman shares: 
• How to zero in on moderately priced bottles that drink way above their cost
• How to increase your drinking pleasure with, among other things, big bottles, a Breathalyzer, a Spanish porron, and more
• Can’t tell your Cabernet Franc from Carménère? In a first for a wine book, Oldman ranks the most satisfying alternatives to the major wine styles
• Why the price of wine is not proportionate to quality
• Crave Margaux on a Merlot budget?  Oldman reveals delicious, affordable substitutes for the world’s most iconic wine 
• How to swirl wine for maximum effect
• Which wine flaws are fine to overlook
• Why you should giggle at overly specific food and wine matches
• Techniques to guard against overzealous pourers and bottle stranders
• How to avoid being a slave to wine trends 
• Don’t know what to say about that glass of Pinot Noir? Mark provides fascinating glossaries of insider lingo and French expressions that will help readers convey instant savoir-faire 
• The best (and worst) wines to gift as a gift