Seth Godin
Join us for a virtual Live Talks Los Angeles event:
Thursday, January 14, 2020
6:00pm PST/ 9pm EST 
Seth Godin
in conversation with Irwin Miller

discussing his book,  
“The Practice: Shipping Creative Work”

This event premieres on January 14 at 6pm PST/9pm EST

$38 includes a copy of the book to US addresses* 
$48 includes a copy of the book to addresses outside the US*
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Where does powerful creative work come from? What distinguishes the artists, playwrights, leaders and activists who make an impact from those that don’t? After years of research and exploration, Seth Godin is ready to show us a way forward.

Seth Godin is the author of 18 international bestsellers that have changed the way people think about work and have been translated into 38 languages – among them Unleashing the Ideavirus, Permission Marketing, Purple Cow, Tribes, The Dip, Linchpin, Poke the Box, and All Marketers Are Liars. He writes the most popular marketing blog in the world and speaks to audiences around the world. He is the founder of the altMBA, the founder and former CEO of, the former VP of Direct Marketing at Yahoo!, and the founder of the pioneering online startup Yoyodyne. Visit his website

“This is the book I need right now. It’s an extraordinary and electrifying call to action for writers, artists and creators in every walk of life. I re-read passages and felt as if my own secret creed was being explained back to me, in words I hadn’t yet found.” —Rosanne Cash, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter

Based on The Akimbo Workshops created by Godin and his team, readers now have a compass on how to “ship” creative work, create change by trusting themselves and their voice, and work without waiting for flow. Godin emphasizes the idea that while creative work doesn’t come with a guarantee, engaging in the consistent practice of its pursuit is the best way to ensure succession.

THE PRACTICE serves as an essential guidebook for all those who consider themselves artists, teachers and leaders. It’s a modern classic on how to make a difference. In Godin’s trademark style, he shows readers how to turn their passion from a private distraction to a productive contribution by teaching them how to:

  • Find their passion

  • Become creative, especially when it’s frightening to do so

  • Trust themselves and their voice

  • Model being positive in their practice

  • Determine who and what they’re creating this work for.

With this book, Godin will instill the confidence and knowledge in readers to dance with their fear, take the risks worth taking, and to embrace the empathy that is required to make work that contributes with authenticity and joy. THE PRACTICE provides the roadmap for all creatives seeking to implement changes in the world through their work.

Irwin Miller is a Principal and Design Director at Gensler. He has served as Firmwide Lifestyle Leader, Global Retail Practice Area Leader and a Studio Director and currently the Museums+Culture Practice Area leader. Prior to joining Gensler over 20 years ago – he studied at RISD and Harvard Graduate School of Design. His 30-person Studio focuses on Retail, Restaurant and Culture projects – including clients such as Netflix, Eataly and The Broad. His passions include the impact of experiences, collaboration between diverse and divergent designers – and the ongoing search for everything outside his profession. When he is not at Gensler, Irwin has created award-winning music videos, animations and short film work.