It’s Halloween, Come in costume to our event with Shep Gordon and Alice Cooper

livetalks-600x400-shepgordon-2Our Shep Gordon/Alice Cooper event is on Halloween, October 31.  Those attending are encouraged to come in costume to the talk at the Bootleg Theatre and we will have a prize for the best costume.

First place: a package that includes 10 tickets to a Live Talks LA event of your choice, and if the event involves a book, 10 copies of the signed book by featured author. You can bring 9 friends to one event, or spread the tickets over 10 events. 
We will also have 10 honorable mentions, each honorable mention getting a signed book from a prior or upcoming event. Possible signed books from prior events: John Cleese, Martin Short, Lita Ford, Penn Jillette, Phil Jackson, Bill Nye, Kunal Nayyar, Anne Rice, Burt Bachrach, John Fogerty and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Here are the rules:
1. Must meet public decency standards, i.e. if you could get arrested dressed like that in public, not eligible.
2. Like all matters of opinion, it will be decided on Facebook. 
3. You will be photographed, and the people will vote. All photos will be posted Nov 1 in an album on the Live Talks LA Facebook page, and a “like” constitutes a vote. Voting will be open till Election Day, Nov 8, 8pm.
4. By entering the best costume challenge, you agree to accept the outcome of the process.
5. While awaiting to be photographed, it is not permissible to hover around, pace, sigh, make faces, interrupt or otherwise try to intimidate a fellow contestant.
6. Elaborate entries that may involve 2 persons or more as an entry, are allowed, however, if selected as a winner, the prize is shared among the team.
7. There will be 10 honorable mentions, who will receive a signed book (of your choice) from an upcoming Live Talks Los Angeles event or past event.
8. The mere suggestions that the process of selecting a winner is rigged is grounds for disqualification.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in costume!
Go on gently,
Your Friends at Live Talks Los Angeles