How Anne Rice’s latest novel got set in the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA…more from our Q&A…

Anne Rice’s Of Love and Evil is the second in the ‘Songs of the Seraphim’ series and is set at the Mission Inn in Riverside.  The inspiration came to her when she moved from New Orleans to Rancho Mirage in 2006 and stayed at the Inn. From an article in the Press-Enterprise:

“We came and I fell in love,” Rice said during an interview in the Keeper of the Inn suite at the historic hotel. “I thought right away, I’m going to put my hero here. That’s a great thing for a writer … when you see a place sparks your imagination.”

Mission Inn owners Duane and Kelly Roberts had no idea the makings of a book were going on under the Inn’s roof until it was a completed product.

While researching and writing the first two novels, Rice spent a great deal of time in the Inn’s Amistad Suite, which is where most of the book’s action takes place. The suite already bears a dedication to Canadian author Anne Cameron, and the owners decided to surprise Rice with a similar dedication on the other side of the suite’s entrance.

“They’ve been very gracious,” Rice said. “I’m so honored.”

We asked Anne Rice about the Mission Inn.   Here’s the video.  Enjoy, share….

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Another video clip from our interview with Anne Rice. We asked her about her reading regimen — is it fiction or non fiction, news, etc….Also here’s an excerpt from the New York Times review of her new book, Of Love and Evil.

“Of Love and Evil” arrives in the wake of Rice’s well-publicized rejection of Roman Catholicism. Her struggle with a bruised faith seems to bristle on every page.”

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Another video clip from our interview with Anne Rice.  We asked her about her son becoming an author.  Was this something she encouraged or particularly nurtured?  Christopher will be interviewing Anne on January 6th at Zipper Hall at The Colburn School. He is the author of five New York Times best-selling novels, the most recent of which is the psychological thriller, Moonlit Earth. He published his first book when he was 22.