Simon Winchester (at Live Talks Nov 18): Interviews and Reviews..

Simon Winchester

Some recent interviews with Simon Winchester, who appears at Live Talks at Track 16 this Thursday, November 18, and reviews of his new book, Atlantic: Great Sea Battles, Heroic Discoveries, Titanic Storms, and a Vast Ocean of a Million Stories….Interview with Muse, the arts and leisure section of Bloomberg News…..Nice piece on Morning Edition with Lynn Neary from last week…..and an interview on The Take Away with John Hockenberry…..and a review in the Washington Post that says, “...he is one of those maddeningly gifted British writers who could probably write the history of mud and make it fascinating…What’s best about Winchester’s writing is his mischievous eye for the irresistible detail.”

Some Simon Winchester’s (at Live Talks on 11/18) favorite books…

Over at Goodreads, they have an a write up of Simon Winchester’s favorite bedtime books about the sea!  Winchester will be at Live Talks on November 18 at Track 16 in conversation with Patt Morrison.  This event will benefit the new — to be launched in early 2011 — Los Angeles Review of Books.  Starting tomorrow, we will have an interview with Tom Lutz who is heading the effort at the LARB.

Simon Winchester (at Live Talks on Nov 18); Book Review…

The Telegraph has a book review on Simon Winchester’s new book that he will be discussing at Live Talks on November 18 at Track 16. Here’s an excerpt:

As knowledge of the ocean and what lay beyond grew, men set out to reap its fortunes. For Simon Winchester the Atlantic is to modern civilisation what the Mediterranean was to the ancients: “The North Atlantic and many of the countries bordering it were witness to the construction of many of the foundations, ties and crossbeams of what we now know as the modern world.”