Excerpt from Oliver Sacks new book Hallucinations — “Hearing Things” Sacks w David Milch at Live Talks LA Nov 14

If you are as intrigued by Oliver Sacks new book, Hallucinations, like we are, you can read a chapter from his book thanks to NPR’s First Reads.  The chapter is on ‘hearing things’… Read/listen to the chapter here. Here’s an excerpt from NPR….Tickets to the event can be purchased here. Sacks will be in conversation with writer/producer David Milch (Deadwood, NYPD Blue)

Hallucinations can be terrifying, enlightening, amusing or just plain strange. They’re thought to be at the root of fairy tales, religious experiences and some kinds of art. Neurologist Oliver Sacks has been mapping the oddities of the human brain for decades, and his latest book, Hallucinations, is a thoughtful and compassionate look at the phantoms our brains can produce — which he calls “an essential part of the human condition.” In this chapter, Sacks examines auditory hallucinations. “Hearing voices” has long been the classic signifier of mental illness, but many otherwise healthy people just happen to have hallucinatory voices in their heads, according to Sacks.