Al Franken in the news. See him at Live Talks LA, July 8 with Chelsea Handler

We’re excited to be hosting Senator Al Franken in conversation with Chelsea Handler on July 8th at the Alex Theatre. More info on the event is here.

Here’a a round up of media his new book, Al Franken, Giant of the Senate, has garnered.

— “Al Franken Has Been Sitting on Jokes for a Decade. Now He’s Ready to Tell Them.” New York Times, May 29
— “Sen. Al Franken Embraces ‘The Funny’ Again In New Book,” All Things Considered NPR, May 30
— “Al Franken on humor in a politically “grim” time.” CBS Sunday Morning, May 29
— “Stuart Smalley Is Not Dead: See What Has Sen. Al Franken Laughing These Days,” People, May 27
— “Al Franken: By the Book,” New York Times, May 25
— “Sen. Al Franken On Comedy, Trump And The ‘Curdling’ Of Washington” on Fresh Air with Terry Gross on NPR, May 30
— “Al Franken: The Happy Warrior. Franken discusses the “depressing” Trump era, doing acid as a Deadhead and rediscovering his sense of humor in Congress. Rolling Stone magazine, May 30
— ” Al Franken, Absurdity Expert, Is a Man for Our Political Times: The Minnesota senator’s SNL roots are coming in handy. Esquire, May 30
— “Al Franken: What He Learned From SNL That Made Him A Better Politician,” Forbes, May 30
–“Senator Al Franken Answers the Proust Questionnaire. The Minnesota lawmaker and comedian, who has a new book out, reveals what factual accuracy, grandchildren, and a sense of humor mean to him.” Vanity Fair, Summer 2017