Fun Facts

Quickest event to sell out: Brene Brown, 4hrs, 2 min
Second quickest event to sell out: Mindy Kaling, 5 hrs, 45 min

Attendee who traveled the farthest to attend an event: from Australia.
Others who travelled far: Denmark, Sweden, England, Toronto.

Largest attended event:
Tina Fey in conversation with Steve Martin, May 11, 2012: 6,208 attendees

Fastest book signers:
Phil Jackson: 900 in 55 minutes,  Michael Lewis, 400 in 30 minutes

Longest book signing:
Neil Gaiman the book signing (1400 books) ended at 3am

Most appearances by a guest: 
Jane Smiley: 4 (twice as interviewer)
Dave Barry:3
Malcolm Gladwell: 3 (twice as the interviewer)

First event: Dave Barry in conversation with Jane Smiley