Fun Facts

Quickest events to sell out:
Sarah J. Maas, 2000 tickets in 50 minutes
The Beastie Boys: two nights, 1000 each sold out in 14 minutes.
Brene Brown, 4hrs, 2 min
Mindy Kaling, 5 hrs, 45 min

Attendee who traveled the farthest to attend an event:
From Australia.
Others who travelled far: Denmark, Sweden, England, Toronto.

Largest attended event*:
Tina Fey in conversation with Steve Martin, May 11, 2012: 6,208 attendees
*largest book event in Los Angeles!

Largest attended Virtual events:
Sarah J. Maas, 2700
Patti Smith, 700
Matthew McConaughey: 735

Most Viewed YouTube Videos (as of Nov 20, 2021). For most current, click here.
John Cleese with Eric Idle (2014): 2.9 million views
Richard Dawkins with Penn Jillette (2015): 1.1 million views
Sen. Al Franken with Chelsea Handler (clip with Ted Cruz joke, posted in 2021: 1.1 million views
Sen. Al Franken with Chelsea Handler (2017): 767K views
John Cleese with Eric Idle audience Q&A, posted in 2020: 428K views
Chelsea Handler with Gwyneth Paltrow (2014): 425K views
Phil Jackson with John Salley (2015): 391K views

Fastest book signers:
Phil Jackson, 900 in 55 minutes,  
Michael Lewis, 400 in 30 minutes
Tom Hanks, 700 in 50 minutes 

Longest book signing:
Neil Gaiman the book signing (1400 books) ended at 3am

Most appearances by a guest: 
Jane Smiley: 8 (six times as interviewer)
Malcolm Gladwell: 8 (three times as the interviewer)
Dave Barry: 5
Scott Turow: 5
Judd Apatow: 5 times as interviewer
Larry Wilmore: 12 times as interviewer
Jamie Lee Curtis: 6 times as interviewer
Eric Idle: 3 (twice as interviewer)
Neil Gaiman: 2
Steve Martin: 2 times as interviewer

First event:
Dave Barry in conversation with Jane Smiley

Interview Guests Furthest apart:
Neil Gaiman (in New Zealand), Joe Hill (US)
John Cleese (in the UK), Judd Apatow (Los Angeles)
Tana French (in Ireland), Jamie Lee Curtis (Los Angeles)
Lenny Kravitz (in the Bahamas), Jimmy Fallon (New York)
Matthew McConaughey (in Austin, TX), John Grisham (Oxford, MS)
Andy Cohen (New York), Amber Tamblyn (New York)

Oldest guests:
Norman Lear, age 99
Hal Holbrook, 86