Jane Lynch (at Live Talks 10-2)..More reviews, interviews…

An interview with Jane Lynch (whom we host on Oct 2 at Live Talks),  in PARADE today….And another in the Washington Post.  And here’s an excerpt from an interview in The Atlantic:

With characters you’ve played like the one in Best in Show or Sue on Glee, the comedy is mined from their extreme personalities. When you play such extreme characters, do you have some sort of barometer that keeps you from crossing a line or going so far that it undercuts the comedic effect?

It’s got to be connected something real emotionally. You’re not being weird just to be weird. You can tell when someone is trying to push envelopes for the sake of pushing envelopes. It’s always something that I explore from the inside-out, absolutely. And I love it. That’s one of my favorite things in the world to do: Find an emotion and pump it up with air to see how far I can go before it pops.

Then with Party Down and Julie & Julia, you played characters that were quieter and more soulful and introspective. Do you wish you had more opportunities to play characters like that?

I’d love it. I like doing a whole bunch of stuff. Both of those characters are great, especially the Party Downcharacter, in that there was nothing aggressive or cynical about her. Shes very, very honest, and a little deluded and kind of in her own thought-place and world. That was fun, and almost a relief, to play her every day.

And now that you’re settling into a groove with Glee, which is officially a hit entering its third season, where do you want to take Sue this year? After playing her for over 50 episodes, where do you want Sue to go?

I think this whole running for Congress thing will expand who she is. I don’t think she’ll ever change her stripes. She’s always going to be that person who lashes out and then has tenderness for the weak link. But I think being on a different stage now, the community stage and who knows perhaps how far she’ll go with this political career, but I think that will invite an expansion of her own image of herself.