Jane Lynch’s (at Live Talks 10-2) Happy Accidents book reviews, book excerpt– LAT, NPR

We host Jane Lynch who hosts the Emmy’s this weekend on Oct 2 at Live Talks in conversation with Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation). She appears on NPR’s Morning Edition today, and there is also a review of Happy Accidents on NPR.  Hear the piece and read the review here. Here’s an excerpt from the Los Angeles Times review of her new memoir:

“Happy Accidents” is, on one level, a straightforward, well-observed chronicle of Lynch’s life. She leaves Second City and gets a break playing Carol in the play “The Real Live Brady Bunch,” which becomes a huge hit. She drinks so much she finally decides to stop (replacing booze with NyQuil.) The show moves Lynch to New York, where she blows her sobriety and then ditches the NyQuil and joins AA, becomes obsessed with the Indigo Girls and yoga, and discovers the gay and lesbian community center. She moves to L.A., finds a good therapist and decides to come out to her parents who are, not surprisingly, not surprised. She gets a role in “The Fugitive,” does a one-woman show, meets Christopher Guest and is cast in “Best in Show.” Then comes “A Mighty Wind” and “The L Word,” a role as Meryl Streep‘s sister in “Julie & Julia” and though she’s working all the time, she can’t seem to get one steady job until, of course, “Glee.” She finally really truly falls in love, wins an Emmy and gets to work with Carol Burnett, who wrote the foreword to the memoir.

And here’s an excerpt from the book.