Michael Caine (at Live Talks Oct 28) says he’s writing fiction next…

Sir Michael Caine

Sir Michael Caine  who will release his second autobiography, The Elephant to Hollywood, says his next book project will be fiction.  Why, you may ask?  He tells the UK site for book lovers, LoveReading….

…his next book will be a work of fiction because he’s “sick” of lawyers telling him what he can and can’t write about in his memoirs. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly magazine, he said: “I love writing so much that once I’m finished with Batman, I’m going to write fiction. “When I was writing my first book, I talked with Kirk Douglas, who had written one of his own. “I told him that the lawyers were always saying, ‘You can’t say that or you’ll get sued’. He said to me, ‘Write fiction, Michael. You can tell the truth.’ Isn’t that a great line?

In The Elephant to Hollywood Caine offers an insider’s view of Hollywood and recalls the films, the legendary stars and off-screen moments of a glittering five-decade career. We wonder what he couldn’t say in the book….All the more reason to attend the Michael Caine event at Live Talks on Oct 28.