Questions for Scott Turow from Dave Barry

Dave Barry

We reached Dave Barry who recently spoke at Live Talks Los Angeles, and he had these questions for Scott Turow.

Barry: Which is more fictional: Kindle County, or Chicago?

Turow: At the moment, in the federal courthouse, Rod Blagojevich is on trial for selling every governmental act in his power in exchange for campaign contributions.  Rumor has it that in his idle hours, Blago worked the highway toll booths and wouldn’t lift the gate unless a driver chipped in a buck or two for Friends of Rob.  In another, courtroom former Police Lieutenant Jon Burge is on trial for torturing confessions out of a bunch of alleged murderers, a few of whom  hadn’t killed anyone—or at least not who Burge thought.   As always, all of this would seem a little ham-handed in a novel.

Barry: Do you, or do you not, have a spleen, and why?

Turow: That is for me to know and you to find out.  Hint: I have chronic hereditary spherocytosis.  Google that one, Funny Boy!