Live Talks Los Angeles Media Facilities

Live Talks Los Angeles Media Facilities

Our office is located in The Reef, formerly the LA Mart Building at 1933 South Broadway, downtown Los Angeles.  We are on 11th floor — the Maker City LA floor. Maker City LA is a workspace and venue for creative teams, designers, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and businesses.

For touring authors, we offer the following services to publishers who book their authors to appear at Live Talks Los Angeles.

With the growing number of podcasters based in Los Angeles — many with impressive download numbers —  and popular for authors on book tour, we can simplify scheduling of interviews by having the podcasters come to our studio and take advantage of our state of the art facilities and avoid all that traffic.  This service is offered at no cost to publishers and authors scheduled to appear at Live Talks Los Angeles.  

The podcast studio includes the following:
— Behringer x32 Digtal Mixer
— 3 Shure Cartioid Dynamic Voice Mics
— 3 RODE PSA1 Swivel Mounts
— iMac with Protools 11
— iPad 4 with remote access to mixer
*podcasters are also welcome to bring their own equipment

For video interviews, we also provide a sound proof film/photo studio. Included is standard lighting equipment at no extra cost. The space includes a 12 X 17 green screen, 17 X 12 white wall or black curtain. Comes with a make-up and wardrobe room, and access to catering services and coffee bar in our building lobby.  

Specific equipment details:
— 300 amp of total power
— 2 x 100 amp bates (1 ceiling, 1 floor)
— 40 amps Edison in ceiling
— 60 amps Edison on floor
— Pre-lit green screen with Kino Fl0 lights
— Complete photography lighting kit (Einstein E640 flash units, CyberSync System, High Output Beauty Dish, MBA Baby Boomer, Silver PLM & White PLM Umbrellas)
— 12 ft Smoke Grey seamless
— Black Curtain backdrop
— 2 Private Edit Bays with Final Cut Pro & Adobe Premiere
— Green Room with Refrigerator

In addition to providing space to pre-sign books for events, we also provide use of the delivery dock at our building so books ordered through local bookstores for larger events can be drop shipped to our building for convenient pre-signing.  This service including delivery of books to the venue for the event are also provided at no cost to publishers whose authors are appearing at Live Talks Los Angeles.

Periodically we do in-studio interviews. Sometimes we are made aware of an author’s availability in Los Angeles and there is not enough time to pull together an event, or in some cases we feel the author is an important voice but may not be widely known thus making it a challenge to draw an audience.  We host such authors in our studio, sometimes with a studio audience.  For larger events drawing big crowds where we solicit questions in advance, our studio is ideal — schedule permitting — to do a “Live Talks Afterward” where the author comes into our studio and we go thru more audience questions not asked the night before.  These type of in-studio interviews can also stream live on Facebook.

For example, pictured, fresh off of giving a TED talk in Vancouver on the themes of his book, “Utopia for Realists: How We Can Build the Ideal World.” (Little, Brown and Company). He was interviewed by Terrence McNally. The video was posted to our video channels on Facebook and YouTube.