Story on Jane Lynch and her memoir in USA Today. We host her Oct 2 with Adam Scott.

Nice piece on Jane Lynch with a video element in USA Today.  We host her October 2 in conversation with Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation) and her former cast member on Party Down.  Here’s a couple excerpts:

The book, a story that evolved from a series of personal speeches Lynch made to gay organizations, chronicles her life from growing up in a loving family outside Chicago to her acting experiences, and to her personal relationships. It carries a comic tone but also addresses Lynch’s tougher challenges, including her time drinking (she stopped in 1991), and conveys her philosophy of embracing life as it is instead of how we wish it were.

And here’s another about those “Accidents,” some of which include: Being directed by Guest in a Frosted Flakes commercial, then bumping into him again at a coffee shop, a meeting that evolved into the role in the movie Best in Show.

Having a TV series to which she was obligated not get picked up, allowing her to accept a breakout role in hit Glee, which returns Sept. 20 (8 ET/PT);  Being on the same airline flight with Mark Burnett, this year’s Emmys producer, where he proposed she host the show.

And another excerpt:

Lynch is proud of the phenomenon Glee has become, particularly in its advocacy of arts education. And she enjoys the recognition, whether from Emmy voters or youthful fans. “I’m one of those kids,” says Lynch, who was in her high school choir. “I would have been the No. 1 Gleek.”

As for her Emmy nomination, “It’s very gratifying. I’ve wanted nothing more than to be special and told ‘You’re exceptional.’ And now I’m going to do the best work I can whether I get an award or not.”

And she says she isn’t worried about the Emmy gig; she has hosted Saturday Night Live and two Do Something Awards shows. Her strategy? Take it in “little bites. That’s the only way I can think of it.”

Get yer tickets for what promises to be an entertaining evening…