Oliver Sacks in the news…We host him at Live Talks LA on Nov 14 in conversation with David Milch

 We host neurologist Oliver Sacks at Live Talks Los Angeles on Wednesday, November 14th at The Aero Theatre.  He’ll be in conversation with David Milch, Emmy Award-winning writer and producer. Only a few tickets remain. Ticket info here.  The occasion for us hosting Dr. Sacks is the publication of his new book, Hallucinations, which was published today….Here are some stories, interviews, features and reviews on Sacks and his book.

Wall Street Journal, Nov 5: Speakeasy: Oliver Sacks Sees Things Most People Don’t
New York Magazine, Nov 4: A Brain with a Heart
New York Times, Nov 3: Opinion (By Oliver Sacks) – Seeing Things? Hearing Things? Many of Us Do.
NPR Fresh Air, Nov 6: Oliver Sacks, Exploring How Hallucinations Happen
Omnivoracious Blog (Amazon), Nov 6: The Neurological and the Devine: An Interview with Oliver Sacks
— Wall Street Journal, Nov 1, Tripping Makes a Comeback
 Entertainment Weekly, Nov 1, Book Review: Hallucinations, by Oliver Sacks
— Smiley & West Radio Show, Oct 17, Oliver Sacks interview on Hallucinations (audio)
— The Guardian, Oct 30, Oliver Sacks shares his hallucinations
— NPR First Read: Listen to/Read an excerpt from Oliver Sacks’ book, on “Hearing things”
— The New YorkerOut Loud: Drugs and Oliver Sacks
— TED Talk: What hallucination reveals about our mind