Michael Sandel in the news – at Live Talks LA May 9 w/ @Patt_Morrison (Colbert, WSJ,Huff Post….) @HarvardAlumni

Michael Sandel’s book, What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets, continues to get noted in the press. We host him at Live Talks Los Angeles May 9th at All Saints Church in Pasadena in conversation with Patt Morrison, Los Angeles Times columnist and host of The Patt Morrison Show on KPCC
Event deets here…

— Wall Street Journal (April 20), In Economists We Trust
— The Huffington Post (April 24):  Does the Invisible Hand Really Know Best
— Fortune (April 20): One Nation, Ruled by Money

— Vanity Fair (May 2012): Market Philosopher
— The Atlantic (April 2012): What Isn’t for Sale (book excerpt)
— See Michael Sandel on The Colbert Report (April 25)
— See Michael Sandel’s talk at the TED conference in 2010

And on The Colbert Report…

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