October 5 — An Evening with Bishop Gene Robinson in conversation with Bradley Whitford

Friday, October 5, 2012
7:30pm (Reception 6:00-7:00pm)

An Evening with Bishop Gene Robinson
in conversation with Bradley Whitford
discussing his book, God Believes in Love: Straight Talk on Gay Marriage

All Saints Church, Pasadena
132 North Euclid Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101


$20, $40 includes Bishop Robinson’s book,
$34 signed book purchase only (shipping included to US destinations)
$95 includes the book + pre-event reception*

The religious leader at the forefront of the gay rights movement in a frank discussion of the critical civil rights issue of our time.

In his new book, God Believes in Love: Straight Talk on Gay Marriage, Bishop Gene Robinson makes the case for same-sex marriage. For him, it’s a personal issue; after being married to a woman with whom he had two children, Bishop Robinson has been married to his long-term partner, a man, for the last four years.  He is the first openly gay person to be elected bishop in the Episcopal church.

Bishop Robinson’s book is an exploration of faith and morality that will help readers to better understand why full marriage equality is vitally important — why it is a violation of civil rights to deny access to marriage because of sexual orientation.

In his visit to Live Talks Los Angeles, he’ll address important, frequently-asked questions like: What’s wrong with civil unions? Don’t children need a mother and a father? Why should straight people care about gay marriage?   Join us for a provocative and personal discussion of one of the most important–and divisive–issues of our day.

Bradley Whitford‘s credits in film, television and theater include work with some of the most noted writers, directors and playwrights in the arts, and constitute a career worthy of a Juilliard-trained actor — which he is.  He starred in NBC’s  political drama, The West Wing.

Some of Whitford’s most memorable performances include roles in such films as The Muse (1999) with Albert Brooks and Bicentennial Man (1999) with Robin Williams. He has also appeared in Scent of a Woman (1992), A Perfect World (1993), Philadelphia (1993), The Client (1994), My Life (1993/I), Red Corner (1997), Presumed Innocent (1990) and My Fellow Americans (1996).


* Proceeds from tickets to the reception support the upcoming Live Talks Los Angeles emerging voices/authors series of events that commence in 2013.

$20, $40 includes Robinson’s book,
$95 includes pre-event reception (6:00-7:00pm) plus book

All Saints Church, Pasadena
132 North Euclid Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101

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